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Digital Classroom

Creating a digital presence for your class is now a required pedagogical investment to help you boost your teaching and enhance students learning. Now that the world is going digital, having a virtual space where you and your students create, discuss, and share learning resources can do wonders to your teaching.

A classroom website is much more than a mere portal to your classroom, it is a learning hub where students unleash their creative thinking, connect learning to their own individual experiences, and develop strong digital and multimedia literacies while working towards becoming better digital citizens.

There are various ways to use a classroom website or blog in your teaching. These include:

  • Create and share assignments with students.
  • Provide students with a space where they can showcase their learning.
  • Extend learning beyond classroom walls. Get students to engage with class website by sharing comments, feedback, links, and resources.
  • Upload and share learning resources and extra-curricular materials with your students.
  • Connect with parents and school community and engage them in the learning taking place in class.
  • Empower students voice by allowing them to share their creations publicly.
  • Use class website to share class news, announcements, school events, etc.