NAAC Accredited 'A' grade

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Seshadripuram College follows the academic curriculum prescribed by the Bengaluru University. The college believes that a good grounding in academics contributes immensely to the future success of its students. Therefore, no effort is spared to provide our students the best in this aspect. The college boasts of highly-qualified and experienced faculty who are sincerely committed to the task of teaching the students. Special sessions are held to reinforce what is taught in class to ensure that none are left behind. The library too houses a wide array of reference books which the students can make use of apart from the textbooks which they can avail through the book kit system. Internal assessment, preparatory examinations and mock tests are conducted to help students gain confidence when it comes to facing their University exams.

The college also provides a number of value-added courses which the students can enrol in to further enhance their knowledge and increase their job prospects.